This Black Chemist Created A Clothing Line Celebrating Her Melanin
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This Black Chemist Created A Clothing Line Celebrating Her Melanin

Deirdre Roberson
Image via Black Business

It’s common for entrepreneurs to become inspired by their interests and close circle. One Black woman was able to use her background in chemistry to create a unique apparel brand to celebrate the beauty of dark skin.

Deirdre Roberson is the founder of Eumelanin, a unique clothing line that emphasizing the beauty of darker skin tones. The name and logo behind the brand were inspired by her interest in science. Since its inception in 2018, the brand has managed to expand its reach across the country and be showcased at mainstream events geared towards Black audiences. The Detroit native manufactures all of her items in her hometown to give more opportunities to her local community with the expansion of her business.


Roberson says one of her biggest influences behind creating the brand was to speak out on colorism and help other brown and darker completed shades feel beautiful in their own skin having experienced her own battles learning to love her brown hue. “Colorism does not only affect black people but people of color around the world,” she said in an interview with Black Business.

“Eumelanin is a brand designed to challenge behavior that does not honor any of us — behavior too many of us have accommodated and tolerated because we were afraid to speak up.”



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