• Natalie

    Yes. I want to be the next Steve Jobs. It’s not easy when you’re financially strained. I have a creative mind like experience to change the world,but who do you blame? Wall Street, Education System, Parents, or The President of United States. This question will find it’s way back around the world three times, before you really get an honest answer. Which is right in front of your face.{Protesters}are fighting for the economy, jobs, health, and the low- incomes families. The truth of the matter is… What if my invention can put 1 million people back to work? Who will ever no the real me? Will my dreams die with me? Are we ever going to come together to help each other? The youth today is our hope…

  • Steve Wes
    A fun, fast-paced new wave shopping experience. A product bidding web site designed around black people interest. It’s an opportunity that invites everyone!

  • Joey V. Price, MS, PHR

    This article was spot on.

    If you have an idea, learn how to take it from passion to prototype. If it’s good, people will flock or applaud. If it’s bad, you’ll have to try it again until you gain some traction. We live in a world where wealth is created from a thought or idea. Your’s can be just as good :)

    Joey V. Price, MS, PHR
    HR and Leadership Consultant – Founder of Jumpstart:HR
    Expert interviewed on the article “7 Signs it’s Time to Quit Your Job”

  • jackieyou

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