If you think a subscription to ESPN was the greatest gift a guy could ask for, think again. Google TV puts the world at your pops’ fingertips from his own Android smartphone or iPhone no less. It provides more content than one person can handle. Imagine being able to surf the web, watch TV, catch up with friends on social media and access premium cable programming on a wide screen HD television. The Sony HDTV with Internet built in will cost $600.
If your man is a golfing enthusiast then RadarGolf balls will not only save him money in the long run, but also improve his game.  Each ball is manufactured with a small RFID tag that helps the golfer pinpoint the location of lost balls from 30 to 100 feet. The full RadarGolf System costs $199.95, which includes RadarGolf handheld and one dozen RadarGolf Balls.
The iPad 2 is taking the world by storm. But don’t be disappointed if your father beat you to the punch and bought one before you could get it for him. There’s not much the machine can’t do, but typing on its touch screen keyboard isn’t always convenient; especially if you’ve got a lot of data to enter. Get your father the wireless Apple iPad 2 Keyboard. For $69 this lightweight, almost full-size portable keyboard will help him do more in less time.
Dick Tracy won’t have anything on your grandfather once you buy him a DMA M810 full color, touch screen watch with a built in cell phone and matching earpiece. Watch him transform from a tech adverse baby boomer to a tech savvy teen as this timepiece takes him back to his heyday. The watch has a 1.3M Pixel camera, records video, sounds, and plays MP3.  Plus, since the watch is attached to him, it could be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency where he can’t reach a telephone. Buyer beware: It is compatible with the SIM cards of GSM900, 1800/1900 phones.
If your father likes speed and power (and what man doesn’t) then he’ll really get a kick out of this tablet/ultraportable laptop. It not only comes with the option to input content with a pen, his finger, or a keyboard, but it also has an Intel Core i7 processor for up to 20% faster CPU performance than the standard Window’s laptop; let alone the average tablet. Finally, with the 180 degree, swivel display and outdoor viewable, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass panel, the X220 is perfect for men whose work takes them out in the sun. Prices for models range from $900 to $1,200.
Help the man in your life stay fashionable and functional with this vibrating Bluetooth Caller ID Bracelet that transmits caller information from the phone to a small LED screen on his wrist. The bracelet is great for the guy whose business phone rings off the hook day and night. The bracelet prevents him from reaching into his pocket over and again for calls he should probably ignore when he’s out with the family, and it keeps him completely hands free when handling daddy duty with the baby. Prices range online, but the average price is $25.
If daddy is a conservationist with a green thumb then he’ll appreciate the RainPerfect solar-powered rain barrel pump system. Since there’s no need for an electrical outlet or water spout, this neat system is great for to use at the local community or roof top garden. Using a 13 PSI pressurized pump and an NiMH rechargeable solar battery the 12 volt DC pump carries 100 gallons of water on a single charge from rain water collected in the barrel to any standard nozzle or low pressure sprinkler system. For more information visit
When your retired uncle sets out on another trip around the world he’ll be twice as likely to remember to bring you back a gift since you’ve equipped him with a camera that doubles as a GPS.  In addition to marking the location of every picture he takes, this hybrid 14 MP GPS camera with 10X zoom displays his current location near landmarks and alerts him to nearby points of interest. The 3 inch LCD screen not only helps get users from point A to B, but it has auto face recognition technology. $230 on

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