14 Responses to The Next Steve Jobs: 10 Black Innovators to Watch

  1. Armindo C. Deve says:

    Sem a discriminação entre os homens independetemente da sua cor/raça ou origem, todos teêm quase as mesmas oportunidades de demonstrarem o que valem.
    Vamos quebrar os complexos de superioridade/inferioridade entre os humanos.
    O mundo irá mais loge do que pensamos e vemos.

  2. Nxt Blk Geniuses TV says:

    We love the fact B.E. recongnize the future of Black innovators….

  3. Gina B. says:

    Where are the women??????

  4. says:

    Winston Ford and BE: Thanks for the mention…I am extremely flattered and in awe of the company I have been paired with…

    Benjamin Dyett

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  7. Rodney Woods says:

    We will create many Steve Jobs.What we’re building at DiversityInPromotions with our Web base portal,we will revolutionize how Minority business and Gov.Business operate on the ground and get more Corporate and Gov contracts.We will educate M/WBE business on how to gain access to Capital,and we’ll educate the Athlete/Entertainer,and Private Investors, on how to invest in Minority business.Rodney Woods CEO DiversityInPromotions INC

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  10. Kang says:

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