Margaret Garner: Doing Business With Walmart

Advice from the president of Broadway Consolidated Companies, the first black female-owned construction firm to build a Walmart Store

A speaker at the 2020 Vision: Black Enterprise Economic Forum, Broadway Consolidated Companies Inc. President Margaret Garner shares advice to small business owners who want to do business with Walmart. Broadway Consolidated is the first black female-owned construction company to build a Walmart Store.

  • Namusa Corporation

    We are a garments manufacturing company in Namibia, under the standing AGOA agreement between Namibia and USA government. We have the capacity of supplying walmart over 8,000,000 pieces of garment per month. We also with make one of our warehouse available for walmart to set up stores in Namibia as well in the form long term lease. the capacity of the warehouse is approximately 14,000 sq meter.

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  • Gwendolyn Ewing

    I think this is phenomenal, I never even realized that we were in this field alone and just behind the desk I can only hope that when I’m ready to start my small business that I would be honored to be able to contract with one of these firms. Congrats I’m sure it wasn’t easy