10 Bad Habits to Ban From the Workplace

10 Bad Habits to Ban From the Workplace

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Spending eight or more hours a day in the same building with the same people can have its costs. Your job is to make sure that costs aren’t too high for yourself or for the people around you. The quickest way to keep that cost down is to be mindful of your workplace behavior.

Check out this list below of bad habits to avoid at work, as this could save you and your co-workers more than you may even realize:

1. Gossip

If “he said” or “she said” something to someone else, then it has nothing to do with you–even if it’s about you. Going to tell a coworker what another coworker thinks, feels, or says about them is not only distracting, but it’s also messy, rude, counterproductive, and unnecessary. So, please refrain from gossiping.

2. Clutter

Let’s say you’re fairly junkie by nature–try leaving that aspect of your natural self at home. Office spaces that are full of clutter reflect chaos, disorganization, and lack of care. Tidy up your work environment once a week, if necessary. You’d be surprised at what a clean space can do for your thoughts and productivity.

3. Profanity

Use of profanity at work, depending on the environment or circumstances of your job, is generally inappropriate. It reflects a lack of respect for the working environment. Reserve the obscenities for family and friends.

4. Harassment

Keep your hands, feet, objects, and unwelcome advances to yourself.

5. Lack of Hygiene

To avoid showering or all other forms of cleanliness may be the greatest perk of your weekend or days off, but it is best to exercise this behavior only during that time. During the work week, make it your business to maintain and be mindful of your hygiene. Your coworkers will thank you.

6. Yelling

Emails, instant messaging, and legs were all made to help you avoid doing this. Yelling distracts the people around you, and screams that you have no home training. Pull it together and find a better way to communicate.

7. Laziness

We know it’s a bummer, but guess what you’re expected to do at your job? You guessed it–work. Your laziness isn’t nearly as hidden as you might expect; people notice when others are rarely working, and it leaves a bad taste. Get your job done.

8. Phone Syndrome

Looking at your phone all day is unprofessional, and it shows that you aren’t interested in looking at your work. Reserve your scroll time for breaks and keep it out of meetings.

9. Arriving Late and Leaving Early

This behavior is best suited for parties, not work.

10. Extended or Excessive Breaks

Again, you’re not as unnoticed as you presume. Don’t be that employee that gets a reputation for never being around. It shows lack of care, commitment, or desire to be at work.

Did we miss any bad work habits that should be on this list? Each one, teach one; so let us know in the comments.