10 Budget-Friendly Secret Santa and White Elephant Gift Ideas

10 Budget-Friendly Secret Santa and White Elephant Gift Ideas

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Shopping for the right Secret Santa or White Elephant gift can prove to be a challenge. It’s hard to know how whether or not your gift will bring a smile or elicit a frown from hard- to-please scrooges. The task may seem impossible, but there are plenty of fun and practical items that will excite even the biggest scrooges in your circle of family or friends.

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Instead of agonizing this year, let’s aim to splurge on something perfect and save when you can. Be creative, but bear in mind that very few people actually like novelty scarves or soap that looks like bacon. Avoid anything you can easily envision at a garage sale and, seriously, don’t buy DVD box sets unless someone has specifically mentioned it’s a must-have on their wish list. To help make your shopping a little more joyful, here are ten time-tested holiday favorite Secret Santa and White Elephant gift ideas. With these crowd-pleasers you almost can’t go wrong.

Dammit Doll
There’s no question that life can be stressful, even for the most tranquil among us. If you’ve been charged with giving to someone who looks like they’re ready to blow off some steam, the Dammit Doll may be just what the doctor ordered. These simple rag dolls come in a variety of outrageous colors and prints, and each doll is embroidered with a patch bearing a passage that can be an alternative to visiting the shrink. These dolls are made to be shaken until rage turns to relief and amused chuckling. And when the anger has subsided, they are adorable work companions perched on your desk or shelf.

Deep-Dish Cherry Pie From Sweet Jane
Who doesn’t love a scrumptious cherry pie? One of Oprah’s favorite things, California bakery Sweet Lady Jane has created a very merry, soon-to-be legendary, dare we say necessary, simply extraordinary deep-dish cherry pie. A golden latticework top crust reveals the sweet-tart cherry filing, simmered to the ideal level of goodness. Get 10 percent off your purchase with the code “OPRAH” at SweetLadyJane.com.

Don’t be fooled, the NapSack isn’t a real stand-alone product. But it’s a funny parody box that you can put the real gift inside. Its cuteness lies in the ability to turn any gift into a hilarious or surprise gag. The playful sense of mystery – what’s really inside? – adds a fun touch.

Toilet Bowl Mug
This gift combines two tried-and-true elements of gift swaps: coffee mugs and toilet humor. For true coffee lovers it’s gift they can keep on swilling – when you sweeten the deal with a pound of their favorite gourmet coffee or a mélange of international roasts, if you have a higher price limit.

High Heel Tape Dispenser
When you think of funny or exciting gifts, a tape dispenser probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, this is no ordinary tape dispenser.

Big Head Squirrel Feeder
This squirrel feeder gives the impression that the squirrel has a big head when he’s eating from it. You’ll agree it’s the nuttiest squirrel feeder ever! You just hang it from a tree or any other object in a well-populated squirrel area.
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