10 Interesting Things We've Learned From Janay Rice's ESPN Interview

10 Interesting Things We’ve Learned From Janay Rice’s ESPN Interview

Image: ESPN

Still Finds It Hard To Be Labeled A ‘Victim’

Image: ESPN

Janay Rice might not have the court of public opinion on her side when it comes to her husband, but she’s not ready to accept the label of being a “victim.” “I know there are so many different opinions out there about me,” she says. “I’m weak, I’m making excuses and covering up abuse, [but] however I am a strong woman and a I come from a strong family.” Janay concludes that she has never suffered from abuse prior to the elevator incident and has never seen any woman in her family physically abused. She quotes some advice from her father that he told her and her sister when they were growing up, “[You] don’t need a man to make [you], if anything it’s the man who needs us.”

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