Top 10 Interview Questions You Must Be Prepared to Answer

Top 10 Interview Questions You Must Be Prepared to Answer

The most anxious aspect of interview preparation is often wondering what you’re going to be asked. It’s tough to prepare ahead of time, when you aren’t even sure what you need to be prepared for. Just your luck, the interview questions that you know the answers to like the back of your hand will be the ones they steer clear of; the questions that never even cross your mind, they’ll ask.

You no longer have to be caught off guard. Fumbling, seeing blank pages in your mental rolodex, and thinking of the best answers only after you’ve left the room are all part of the past thanks to Waggl. Waggl, the platform enabling focused communication on enterprise topics such as culture, events, change, strategy, and talent, recently conducted its newest pulse survey, The Voice of the Workplace, with hundreds of business and HR leaders.

Waggl asked the participants, “What’s your most insightful interview question and why?” Check the intel below:

1. Tell me about the three most pivotal leadership experiences in your career. What did you learn? How do you apply that today?

2. How do you approach someone who is not cooperative?

3. Tell me about the opportunity/event/etc. that made you grow the most as a leader.

4. What is your personal professional brand? How would your current or former co-workers describe you, and what is a piece of constructive feedback you receive consistently? What have you done to improve on that?

5. Tell me about a time when you overcame internal resistance and successfully accomplished an important business objective.

6. Who is your hero and why?

7. What excites you about this job?

8. Tell me about a time when you received negative feedback from a customer or stakeholder. How did you address this feedback and what was the final outcome?

9. Describe a workplace challenge/issue/problem and how you overcame it.

10. I would ask a real world problem question that I’m currently facing in the area of candidates expertise, and ask them how they would solve it.

Solidifying your answers to these questions could mean landing your next position. Study and go forth.

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