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25 Things You Need To Know

you need to know if it happens to you:

  • Show your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.
  • Turn on your interior light and place your hands in plain sight.
  • You have the right to ask why you were stopped.
  • If an officer wants to search your car, you have the right to say no.
  • If you believe you were stopped for unjust cause, file a complaint.

From this day forward, I declare my vigilant and lifelong commitment to financial empowerment and hereby pledge the following:

  1. I will use homeownership as a foundation for building wealth.
  2. I will be proactive in managing my budget, credit, debt, and tax obligations.
  3. I will maximize my earnings potential, live within my means, and commit to saving and investing at least 10% o
    f my income.
  4. I will ensure that my investments are properly diversified and correspond to my current financial goals.
  5. I will preserve and protect my assets through proper financial and insurance planning.
  6. I will immediately commit to a program of retirement planning and investing.
  7. I will ensure that my children receive a thorough education in financial and business matters.
  8. I will ensure that my wealth is passed on to future generations through proper estate planning.
  9. I will actively support the creation and growth of viable, competitive, black-owned enterprises.
  10. I will use a portion of my wealth to strengthen my community.

Know How to Tell a Joke
“Did you hear the one about the horse who walked into a bar and the bartender asks: ‘So why the long face?'” Telling a good joke is an art. Here are the basics:
Don’t start by saying “This is the funniest joke you’ll ever hear!”

  • Stress only the relevant details.
  • Try not to laugh when telling the joke.
  • Speak clearly and keep your voice level.
  • Make sure the joke is age-appropriate.

Know How to Give a Great Gift
In today’s fast-paced world, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are sometimes acknowledged with unimaginative, last-minute gifts. Start by:

  • Talking to the person–Ask about his or her hobbies, likes, and dislikes.
  • Tying the gift to a life event–Your boss’ 25th anniversary or your child’s 16th birthday are milestones that deserve a special present.
  • Browsing for gift ideas–Try sites like www.gifts.com and www.redenvelope.com.

Know How to Develop a Hobby
Hobbies are fun–they relieve stress, expose us to something new, and awaken our senses to appreciate life more fully. Here are our Top 10 hobby ideas:

  • Outdoor activities
  • Collecting memorabilia
  • Learning music
  • Gardening
  • Performing arts
  • Do-it-yourself projects
  • Arts & crafts
  • Volunteering
  • Cooking
  • Reading

Know the Gameof Golf
Golf is a great relationship-builder, so you should be at least conversant about the game.

The Play: Contact local golf associations and inquire about beginner packages. There you can rent clubs; learn the lingo; and practice, practice, practice.

Consideration: Playing golf requires concentration, so be mindful of when and where to strike up a conversation; in general, avoid being a distraction.

Safety: Stick to the golf course to avoid getting hit by a flying ball. For more information, log on to www.africanamericangolfersdigest.com.

Know How to ProfitFrom Your Talent
Are you a sensational singer, a dazzling decorator, a brilliant baker? Whatever your talent, be sure to recognize its profit potential. Here’s how:

  • Develop your skills. Consider whether training