Facebook Timeline Tips For Brands
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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Record Those Memorable Milestones

Facebook’s latest addition allows brands to showcase their rich history, going as far back as January 1, 1800.  Found on the right-side of the Facebook page, the milestones are listed vertically by year and when clicked on open to display full screen photos with content, location and time.

Milestone Tips

  • List key moments or significant events in your company history.
  • Use engaging images that connect directly to the moment you are sharing.

Make It Stick By Pinning Your Post

Regardless of posting date, you can highlight a specific post so that it appears at the top of your page. The post will remain up for 7 days, and then return to its original date.

No Middleman: Foster Consumer-to-Brand Contact

Fans can now communicate with brands directly via private messages.  Small businesses can use this messaging feature, found on the admin panel, as a channel to start collecting feedback and engaging customers.

Capitalize on Central Control

The admin panel allows brands to manage their insights, new “likes,” messages and notifications from one central location.  The admin panel provides a snapshot of a brand’s day-to-day activity:

Insights — Houses your Facebook brand page’s analytics, which includes “likes,” reach and how people are talking about your page

New “Likes” — Lists Facebook users who have recently liked your page

Messages — Manage your private messages from fans

Notifications — You will be notified when users interact on your page


Remember: Timeline goes live on March 30.  It’s time to tell your story.


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Hajj Flemings

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