5 Tips On Investing In Art
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5 Things to Think About Before Investing in Art

(Image: ThinkStock)

(Image: ThinkStock)

Know a Bad Investment When You See One

Brielmaier notes that it would be hard for any one person to say one art purchase is worse than another because all purchases are not based on ROI (return on investment). “I don’t want to say what’s a bad investment,” she says, “but what I would not recommend is jumping blindly into something, particularly if you’re talking about purchasing a work that’s very valuable.” Hesitant to ever tell anybody what not to buy, Brielmaier continues, “If it’s $400, to some people that’s a lot of [money] but when you start getting into really high [numbers] ask around. Look at the work, don’t just look at that work by the artist but look at the range of work to see if there’s some kind of continuity. And think about buying from a reputable gallery or someone who’s reputable–it could be an individual–but someone who has a history and relationship and has a reputation. Cover as many bases as you can before you take the plunge.”