50 Cent Pays for Horse-Drawn Carriage for D’aja Robinson's Funeral

50 Cent Pays for Horse-Drawn Carriage for D’aja Robinson’s Funeral

d'aja robinson horse carriage50 Cent does a good deed and since it goes unreported by major media, he posts to his Facebook page his latest generous action.

Curtis Jackson AKA 50 Cent, paid to have D’aja Robinson’s casket carried in a white horse drawn carriage, as 2,500 people attended her funeral Friday. D’aja was a victim of a bullet shot through a public bus window in Queens, NY, an innocent bystander of a bullet police have determined wasn’t meant for her.

Although a 16-year-old suspect was in custody, he wasn’t charged with the crime.

“People always try and paint negative images about me I’m the most genuine down to earth person and I didn’t forget where I came from I came through for baby girl by providing a horse and carriage for her,” 50 Cent wrote on his Facebook page, along with a collage of pictures of D’aja and her funeral.

Congrats to 50 Cent for doing something positive.

You can read the full story at the NY Daily News