50 Cent Plans to Seize Teairra Mari's Assets For a $37,000 Debt Owed
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50 Cent Plans to Seize Teairra Mari’s Assets For a $37,000 Debt Owed

Singer/reality star Teairra Mari, who still owes 50 Cent’s legal fees, is about to get her assets seized by the rapper.

Following a failed attempt to sue Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson for reposting explicit photos and videos of her that were originally shared on social media by her boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad — a storyline she used on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood — she owes 50 Cent more than $30,000 in legal fees. The rapper spent thousands defending himself against Mari’s revenge porn accusations.

She has yet to pay 50 Cent his money, so 50 Cent said he is going to take control of her assets. Because of this, she had “accrued interest in the amount of $2,597.80.”


The rapper’s legal defense is that he did not show the singer’s  privates nor the video — he shared a screenshot of the conclusion of the sextape.

The judge ruled in the rapper’s favor and dismissed Mari’s claims, Hip Hop Wired reported.

For putting 50 Cent through the trouble, Mari was ordered to pay the hip-hop mogul $30,618 in legal fees to add insult to injury.

“Lawyers representing 50 informed the court the reality star still owes him $37,733. They filed a writ of execution against Mari.” Explaining how the total amount owed to 50 Cent grew, they detailed that “in the newly filed documents, it shows an additional $4,492 was added to the judgment after Mari was sanctioned in the case,” according to a legal document obtained by Radar Online.

In 2019, Mari responded to 50 Cent’s demands with a diss song, “I Aint Got It.”

/No, I ain’t got it, oh boy, I’m poppin’/
/I’m takin’ off like a rocket, for 30 thousand, that’s what y’all on/
/Y’all some lame ass niggas, I’m a Detroit bitch/
/Fuck these hatin’ ass hoes, tell ’em all get off my dick/
/Time to go and do it, I’ma do it and that’s all/
/Can’t wait ’til I’m 50 just to go and ball/
/So what you wanna do? Come and bully who?/
/Fuck them other niggas, ho savage, I’ma ride/