54-Point Personal Branding Checklist for 2012 - Page 6 of 6

54-Point Personal Branding Checklist for 2012

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(Image: ThinkStock)

Category VI: Miscellaneous

  • 50. Think in sound bites
    • A. Tweets: Tweet only 120-characters w/links
    • B. Creative short blog post
  • 51. Business cards (Small Business Owners)
    • A. Integrate relevant social media links for connection: Twitter, Skype
    • B. Digital Business Cards: Bump and Hashable
    • C. Create a business card for job fairs/networking
  • 52. Create opportunities to meet digital friends in the real world
  • 53. Use third party tools to manage social networks: increases engagement, better management of online reputation, and great for listening online (i.e. Hootsuite)
  • 54. Pull your credit score (all three reports)