$6 Billion Construction Contract Awarded to Build Akon City in Senegal

$6 Billion Construction Contract Awarded to Build Akon City in Senegal

It has been announced that a $6 billion construction contract has been awarded to build Akon City in Senegal, Africa.

Senegalese-American singer, businessman, and philanthropist Akon is building a futuristic-cryptocurrency themed city, named after himself. Akon City has awarded the contract for building and executing the city to KE International, which is a United States-based consulting and engineering firm.

The city’s Phase 1 is expected to be completed before the end of 2023, and they should be starting the construction of roads, along with a Hamptons Hospital campus, a Hamptons Mall, residences, hotels, a police station, a school, a waste facility, and a solar power plant.

Phase 2 will run from 2024 to 2029 and will end with a complete cryptocurrency city running exclusively on AKOIN cryptocurrency.

Akon City is located on 2,000 acres near the ocean, less than an hour’s drive south of the new international airport in Dakar.

The St. Louis native plans on running the whole city he is planning on renewable energy sources. Akon says he will use his cryptocurrency, ‘AKoin” to build the city’s economy. The Grammy-nominated singer originally announced his plans for a futuristic city that would be built on the land that was gifted to him by Senegal’s President Macky Sall, last year.

“It’s Akon city. It’s all renewable, the Akon-tainment solar city. It’s all renewable. A real physical place, it’s going to have a real airport. It’s a 10-year building block so we’re doing it in stages,’ the singer told Nick Cannon during a radio interview last year.

Akon also has his own company, Akon Lighting Africa, a project he started along with Samba Bathily and Thione Niang in 2014 that aims to provide electricity by solar energy in Africa. Since launching, Akon’s group has operations in 14 nations, including Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Niger, Benin, and Sierra Leone.