7 Awesome Jobs You've Probably Never Heard Of

7 Awesome Jobs You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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There’s always the typical career paths, from doctor to lawyer to journalist. But what if you don’t fit those traditional job routes? There’s a way to monetize your passions and skills whether they fit your typical job title or not.

Writer Annie Favreau gives seven jobs that are totally real— and totally reputable— for job seekers whose career paths are far from traditional:

CHIEF LISTENING OFFICER: You may not have heard of a Chief Listening Officer, but they’ve probably heard from you. One rung higher than a social media manager, CLOs closely monitor social platforms and conversations to keep an eye (and ear!) on what’s being said about their company or brand. Your work enables a fast response to any and all complaints, issues, or misinformation.

Why it’s awesome: This job is extremely new—according to Forbes, the first-ever Chief Listening Officer position was created in 2010. But it’s on the rise. As more organizations rely on social media for market research and customer service, the position of CLO will only become more important.

Average salary: $31,000 — $95,000

FOOD STYLIST: Drool-inducing restaurant commercials and sumptuous magazine shots of delectable food don’t come easy: it takes the work of a food stylist to make it all happen. Armed with cooking skills, creative style, and tools ranging from lipstick to lard, you get food ready for its close-up.

Why it’s awesome: This is one of those rare culinary jobs that provides a creative outlet, but doesn’t require you to slave away in a restaurant kitchen.

Average salary: $26,000 — $77,000

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