Candace Owens, Lil RT

9-Year-Old Rapper Tells Candace Owens To Shut Up And Mind Her Business

In a rare occurence, many agreed with Owens' critique of the child rapper.

A 9-year-old aspiring rapper named ‘Lil RT’ tried to put Candace Owens in her place after she criticized the nature of his music, especially for his young age.

Her initial review of his music video, “60 miles,” was posted to her YouTube channel as part of her eponymously named podcast. It has garnered over 926,000 views since its release on Oct. 23. The conservative pundit referred to the crude lyrics as “derogatory,” not mincing words as to what she believes it does to the Black community.

“This completely saddens me,” shared Owens. “It is the destruction of Black culture. It is the destruction, therefore, of American culture. This is a kid who will end up dead…If you think that his mother is setting him on the right path, then it’s because you’re an idiot,” explained the media personality.

Weeks later, Owens’ criticism got back to the child artist, nicknamed “Coco Felon,” who posted a response to her negative review.

“She need to be quiet,” said the elementary schooler, who was with an adult. “Cause they all up in my silk, they always trying to stop my music.”

However, Owens did not back down from her stance, stating that her heart is breaking for the child being “egged on” by the adults in his life to engage in the behavior. Owens condemned those who were part of the exploitation of Lil RT.

“‘Lil RT’ is a child, and my heart breaks for him, genuinely,” said Owens. “I see a child who has so much potential, and yet he is surrounding by monsters, people that know they are not furthering his rap career. In fact, they are probably leading him toward a path of harm.”

Despite Owens often being the subject of ridicule among progressives and the Black community for her controversial takes on social justice issues, many agreed that the child is being exploited for viral fame.

As their unexpected beef wages on, Owens remains adamant that the little boy is headed in the wrong direction, as she believes “every person should be concerned” for his future.