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A Driving Attraction

to add a national test-drive program called “Auto Show in Motion,” where potential buyers can test-drive GM vehicles on closed-road courses. Twenty shows were executed over the last year, with about 12,000 invitees, who were solicited by mail.

LEXUS: This past summer, Lexus unveiled a unique opportunity for current and prospective Lexus owners to experience its full line of vehicles in a cozy and elegant environment. The “Taste of Luxury” ride-and-drive is a five-month, 13-city tour that concludes in Dallas this month. In a living room setting, guests receive a personal orientation of the day’s events: A gallery illustrates the legacy of the Lexus brand; a sound room highlights the integration of the Mark Levinson sound system into Lexus’ luxury vehicles; and an atrium area provides travel tips from Condé Nast Traveler,, information about Lexus Luxury hotel partners, chef demonstrations hosted by Gourmet magazine, and golf instruction by ESPN Golf Schools. Guests will have an opportunity to drive three courses: Luxury Course (LS 430, GS 300, ES 330), Performance Luxury Course (SC 430, GS 430, IS 300), and the Luxury SUV Course (LX 470, GX 470, RX 330). They also drive each model’s top vehicles. “The luxury market has entered a phase where experiences have become very important,” says Mark Templin, vice president of marketing for Lexus. “It is oriented to a pursuit of those things that help people to savor time — vacation travel time, relaxation time. That’s the real luxury.” It’s a testimonial likely to fuel those passionate about exquisite driving experiences.