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A tradition of success

officers via e-mail and pagers.

While New Technology Management enjoyed its status as a pioneer in the surveillance and border security fields, the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, radically changed all of that. By noon that day, “The very large businesses had already started a surveillance division, and within a week most large and mid-size businesses had something in the surveillance area because they recognized that this was going to be an emerging market,” she says.

Stiff competition resulted, but since September 11, “You don’t have to explain … why you might want to beef up security in a particular area,” she says. In 2003, the company closed the year with a healthy $212 million in contracts, and plans are underway to hire an additional 70 employees this year.

Doan is currently working on a plan for the company to survive beyond her. “I’m trying really hard to start putting the business in place so it looks a lot less like a small business, a lot less like a mom-and-pop-type operation, and a lot more like a business that can just go wherever a business needs to go, with or without my leadership.”