Advancement Can Only Be Achieved Through Opportunity

Advancement Can Only Be Achieved Through Opportunity

People with diverse ethnicities standing in a line

This is why the be editorial team unapologetically identifies those companies that achieve their corporate best through full inclusion of African Americans. Our tenth Best Companies for Diversity list once again places a bright spotlight on these shining examples. These 40 companies have proven that they have no time for the promotion of a watered-down, “check-the-box” approach to diversity nor do they find satisfaction from token representation.

For the most part, their culture of inclusion comes from the C-suite, and in particular, the CEO plays a catalytic role in the enforcement of across-the-board diversity. This includes the configuration of the rank-and-file, senior management positions, board representation, and supply chain composition–the four key measures for our list evaluation–as well as media spend and philanthropic contribution. As such, they represent some of the world’s most dynamic, profitable, and purposeful corporate entities.

In developing this year’s list, we have partnered with the ELC. Our two organizations have decided to come together because we strongly believe in the transformative impact of African American advancement as a means of unlocking innovation and results-driven growth. Simply put, such inclusion is a requirement to ensure the global competitive standing of American industry.