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Alicia Keys And Roc Nation Among Donors Helping To Save NYC Performing Arts Program

Alicia Keys and Roc Nation are among the donors working to save the drama program at Hell’s Kitchen’s Professional Performing Arts School.

Alicia Keys and Roc Nation are among a growing list of donors who are working to save the drama program at Hell’s Kitchen’s Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS).

The renowned school has alums including Keys, Jeremy Allen White, Claire Danes, Britney Spears, and more. Many were shocked when seventh-grade students at the school launched a GoFundMe last week to raise $102,000 to save the school’s performing arts program. It was due to “unfortunate budget cuts” that the long-standing program would be ending in April for middle and high school students.

“This affects hundreds of students and we are heartbroken to have such a horrible thing happen,” the students wrote.

By March 21, the campaign had already surpassed the halfway mark, receiving over $58,000 in donations. Among the donors were Roc Nation and Keys, who pledged $60,000.

“I had no idea that it was going to be this big and blow up this huge,” seventh grader Tennyson Artigliere told ABC 7 NY. “Today we found out that Roc Nation is going to be donating $60,000 and will also pledge to continue to fund the program until the DOE can sufficiently keep the program going.”

The Bear star Jeremy Allen White took to his Instagram Story to get support for the GoFundMe after he donated to his former high school.

“This is where I went to high school, it’s an incredible program with some incredible teachers,” White wrote. “Please help if you are able. I have donated.”

An email obtained by W42ST revealed how Waterwell Director of Education Heather Lanza was the one to inform PPAS parents and students that the school’s principal, Leah Dyer, told the organization about a 20% budget cut the department would be facing for the remainder of the 2023-2024 school year. A Zoom meeting held by Dyer claimed the program faced a deficit of at least $80,000, while Lanza said the deficit was at least $102,000, hence the GoFundMe campaign.

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