Alyah Horsford-Sidberry Keeps Her Business in Harlem
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Harlem Hot Spot: One Entrepreneur’s Story of Passion, Longevity and Diversity

We dissolved Horsford and Poteat, a Harlem based real estate sales, rental and management company, after 15 years because of conflicting visions about how to grow the business. However, my brother Robert and I are still partners in our new business, the Horsford Group, which continues our grandfather Victor Horsford’s legacy. He was a Harlem businessman.

The decision to expand into another industry originated from my love for hosting parties and the lack of lounge establishments in my community. Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself in a commercial building I owned, forming Cove Lounge was an easy decision. The transition has demanded an enormous amount of my time. However, as Cove Lounge prepares to celebrate its second year, the laborious process of learning a new industry has eased.

Why did you decide to have a career in real estate?

My grandfather, Victor Horsford, taught me and my brother the business, early in our childhood. A work ethic man, he pressed us into service in his real estate office where we learned all facets of the business – ownership and management of 15 buildings. He loved helping the community.  In his 80s, he’d routinely visit most of the buildings, bleeding boilers, shoveling snow, and talking with tenants. Real estate is in my DNA.

Tell us about the Cove Lounge as far as the type of cuisine served, atmosphere, and the overall experience one can expect when visiting the establishment.

You can experience traditional soul food with a Caribbean island twist. The Cove-inspired cocktails complemented by its sensual ambiance and upscale aesthetic. Cove Lounge customers know that it is the edgy destination for business meetings, birthdays, weddings, holiday parties, film shoots or just hanging out on the weekend.

Since your businesses are based in Harlem (as well as you being a Harlem resident), why do you think people are more interested in Harlem now than in previous years?