Ambassador Of Shave: Dennis Scott Partners With Shavewise

Ambassador Of Shave: Dennis Scott Partners With Shavewise

(Image: Trevelino/Keller)

For the more than 20 million Americans who are suffering or have suffered from razor bumps at some point in their lives or careers, it can be pure agony.

You’re just not you. It’s a confidence killer and — let’s be honest — how can one truly present themselves as they would like to be perceived without being conscious of the bumps, pus, discoloration, and keloidal scars caused by razors?

The fight to rid faces of these unsightly blemishes has contributed to making the male grooming market a $3.6 billion industry. It’s a booming untapped market and a sweet spot for companies looking to capitalize on it and a goldmine for companies with products that actually work.

Shavewiseâ„¢, a startup focused on the $3.6 billion U.S. men’s grooming market, recently announced its first celebrity sponsorship deal with TV host, radio analyst, and former NBA sharpshooter Dennis “3-D” Scott.

Black Enterprise caught up with Scott and asked him about the Shavewise brand and growing his own brand. Here’s part of the conversation.

Black Enterprise: How did you get involved with Shavewise?

Dennis “3-D” Scott: Different opportunities always come across my table, and Shavewise was one of those that clicked on so many different levels for me. I have to give Greg Ward a lot of credit.

BE: What got you hooked?

Scott: I’ve owned barbershops and hair salons for 20 years. It just made perfect sense. After I met Greg and he explained in depth how he came up with the formulas and using 18 different anti-inflammatoids — that’s when my antenna went up.

BE: Anything about the product that intrigued you?

Scott: If you’ve been around as long as I have, you’ve seen a lot of alcohol-based stuff. Realizing that this wasn’t something that made my face sting. I was a guy that used clippers all my life. I was scared of razors. My grandfather and father never taught me how to shave. They said here’s the razor, here’s some shaving cream, go shave. And then the first time you get razor bumps you think something’s wrong with your face. The Shavewise way is first to teach people how to shave.

BE: You always seem silky smooth on NBA TV. Did you ever suffer from bumps?

Scott: I’ve had my ups and downs through the years. At times I may be on the road and I may not have my clippers with me and I may shave too fast and end up with a bump or two. What I learned in the last two months after being with Shavewise is you have to learn how the hair grows on your face and learn that pattern. To your point, I try to make sure if that happens that I pull the hair out to make sure it doesn’t create more.

BE: Notice any difference since you started using the product?

Scott: Within the last month I have people coming up to me and saying what are you doing? And I say what are you talking about? They tell me how my head is gleaming or how my face looked fresher. Then after the press release came out — people said oh, now this makes sense.

BE: Do you have a stake in the company?

Scott: I’m part of the company, esides being part of the brand ambassador program. But I’m also part of the business side helping the business grow.

BE: How would you recommend Shavewise?

Scott: Depends on your lifestyle. Do you shave every day? Often? Or are you a guy that has that baby face and maybe shaves only once a month? And that really depends on how it would work for you. Like right now I know a lot of young men are stubborn —they’re afraid to use razors. So my pitch to those guys is continue to use clippers, but throw away your alcohol, throw away your Neet, throw away your Tin skin, throw away your bump-no-more and use our number three. Your face will feel smoother, calmer, and cooler, and you won’t get that sting after a haircut or shave. Most guys think everything has to sting or be alcohol-based. But at Shavewise that’s not what we’re about.

BE: Tell us more.

Scott: Use the shave cream and you can see how good it feels along with our brush — which is awesome, real soft and made out of badger hair. You’ll see the difference from using your hands to put the cream on your face compared to using a brush. Then eventually come to one of our shave clinics, and my business partner Greg Ward will show you how to shave properly. Show you your shaving pattern, show you how your face should really be. I had a luncheon here in Atlanta. By a show of hands I said how many guys have either had their fathers or grandfathers show them how to shave? Twenty-four out of 30 people showed their hands — they weren’t taught how to shave. They figured on their own along the way, and I think that’s half the battle with the shaving problem in America.

BE: What do you say to people who think you’re just trying to pitch your business?

Scott: It’s not just a product that we’re trying to shove down people’s throats. We want to educate people and users first, so they understand why they’re using the product. Why there’s a Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3. When you top everything off and are feeling good about yourself, you can step up to your boss and get that raise.