Ex-NBA Baller Dennis Scott Partners with Shavewise

Ambassador Of Shave: Dennis Scott Partners With Shavewise

(Image: Trevelino/Keller)
(Image: Trevelino/Keller)

BE: Your experience as a barber puts you in a unique position to push this product credibly.

Scott: No question about it. One of the things about Shavewise, we are also helping the barber himself so he can empower his customer to shave the right way. That’s the biggest message. Once you figure out how to shave the right way you’ll feel more comfortable. I take my son to the barbershop once or twice a month. I like the camaraderie. Many barbers are consultants, psychologists, easy to talk to. And they always know what’s going on.

BE: Did you cut hair while you played with the Orlando Magic?

Scott: I used to cut Shaquille‘s bald head. It was easier because all of us wore bald heads back then and I was still learning how to cut hair. I wasn’t really good with the fade and that’s what made me get into haircare business and open up my own shop and get guys to get their license and really show them that this is a better way to make money.

BE: Shaq’s bald head, huh?

Scott: Shaq and I go way back. We’ve been involved in numerous ventures throughout the years. Sometimes it’s hard to do business with friends but we’re unique — we don’t bring stuff to one another unless we know it’s real. This is something that he’s looked at and may get into further down the road. But he has some other obligations with the Gold Bond but that never stops us from figuring out ways to work together.