Study: Americans' Confidence in the Job Market Is the Highest Since Start of the Recession
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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According to recent reports from a new Gallup poll, the percentage of Americans who believe now is a good time to look for a job jumped to 36 percent, which is the highest rate found since 2007.

While this number is a boost from last month’s 30 percent, the majority of Americans, 61 percent, are still uncertain about finding a quality job. Based off the data, younger adults continue to be more optimistic about the job market compared to older adults, with 49  percent of individuals in the 18-49 age range saying that now is a good time to look for employment, compared to just 29 percent of individuals in the 50 and over age range.

This recent boost of confidence in the job market is a reflection of the October results from the Labor Department’s Job Opening and Labor turnover survey that indicates a jump in the number of employment opportunities available. According to the data, employers not in the farming sector had 4.83 million positions waiting to be filled during October, a near 13-year high since the last time we’ve seen these amount of positions available.

Hopefully the recent improvements of the 2014 job market will carry over into the new year as the government continues to restore America’s faith in the economy. This past year alone, the U.S. added more than 2 million jobs, which is the most since the 1990s, and for October and November unemployment has remained below 6 percent.

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