America’s Town Hall

America’s Town Hall

I spoke too soon.  The focus has shifted from party atmosphere to serious talk about the economy.

Unfortunately, the audio for the band is 10 times better than the audio needed for substantive conversation. I can hardly understand what the panelists are saying about Obama’s proposed tax policies, initiatives to spur economic growth, education, and healthcare.

Word to organizers: Crowd is getting restless, and audience chatter is growing louder.  Maybe the next two town hall meetings will have better audio. Hate to tell you this organizers, but this part of the program could use some improvement.

I guess organizers just figured this out too. Town hall has just ended ubruptly.  We’ve been advised to go online to the senator’s Website for more information on what has been discussed.

We’re back to the rotating speakers.  The convention floor looks about 90% packed… And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has regained everyone’s attention.  It’s SHOWTIME!

Shon Gables is the host of the Black Enterprise Business Report syndicated television show.