An Open Letter to My Daughters: What it Means to Be Women of Power
Black Enterprise Magazine January-March 2019 Issue

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Your Aunt Caroline has been a guiding force within our family and business as well. She continues to demonstrate the highest standards of excellence as an editor and television host, and she’s representative of the women who make up 70% of BE’s workforce and 50% of our senior management team. Not only do these diligent professionals contribute to all aspects of our operation, they offer a diversity of experiences and perspectives invaluable to driving our company’s growth. Such professional inspiration abounds: Black Enterprise has covered hundreds of female achievers who have broken the glass ceilings in business, government, media, technology, and education. In fact, you will find other accomplished women as subjects in this issue and at our Women of Power Summit in Orlando from Feb. 27—March 2.

In following your career aspirations, I have always stressed that you develop a long-term plan and aim high. That same principle holds true in your personal pursuits. As the two of you bloom into women of power, it is only fitting you select nothing less than men of power–individuals of character, ambition, and substance instead of flash, bravado, and style. Believe me, the glitter and empty words will not last. Find a mate who will treat you as an equal partner, sharing your values, championing your dreams, and comforting you through stormy days. Don’t ever comprise your standards.

I’m sure you are starting to discover that life brings unexpected challenges. Be comforted by the fact that you don’t have to make your journey alone and that my love, support, and counsel are only a phone call or a text away. Whatever course you decide to take or obstacles you face, I am fully confident that if you commit yourself to hard work, education, spiritual strength, and a purpose-driven life, you will emerge as true women of power who will impact the lives of many.

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