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Anatomy of a Young Boss: The Makings of a Leader

THE EYES: Vision and Foresight

  • Vivid imagination. Strong tenacity. No boundaries. All of these factors play a part in a young boss’ day-to-day vision. The idea that one is “too young” or “too fresh” to embark on revolutionizing an industry, heading a major project or spearheading a movement is a farce. They move with purpose and plan accordingly.
  • To nurture this: Learn from those before you by knowing who is already in the game and successful. Be open to ideas and thoughts of others that could contribute to the overall success. Be in tune with your own inner confidence and power that guides you to make your dreams a reality. Glenn Lamont McMillan, 29, joined Wall Street at a very young age and saw the benefit of a great network of financial services professionals that led him to become one of the youngest directors at Deutshce Bank, managing a more than $3 billion portfolio of seven- and 10-year U.S. Treasury Bonds.