7 Must-Have Apps to Organize Your Meeting
Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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Whether you’re in the corporate world or startup space, meetings are a vital part of your weekly, more like daily, schedule. Instead of taking on the bulk of the work and using valuable time figuring out the logistics like meeting participants’ availability, if the meeting will take place virtually, over the phone or in person, among other things, call on a trusty assistant: your mobile device.

These organizational meeting apps can help you coordinate, schedule, host and run meetings from the palm of your hand:

Anywhere Pad (iOS & Android, free)

The cross-platform app assists the setting up, management and hosting of paperless meetings. Syncing with the site’s cloud-based document and management system, Anywhere Pad allows users to schedule meetings, invite participants and organize agendas, as well as archive documents. Meetings notes are updated instantly thanks to the cloud.

Doodle (iOS, free)

Trying to settle on a meeting time might just be the most arduous of tasks when it comes to setting up a time that works for everyone. Scheduling tool Doodle allows users to find a mutually-agreeable time for everyone involved. Using your iPhone or iPad address book, you can send meeting requests to a group and find a time that works for everyone in that group. The app has a neat feature that allows Doodle users to create and participate in polls.

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