A$AP Rocky Introduces New Whiskey Venture, Mercer + Prince
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A$AP Rocky Introduces New Whiskey Venture, Mercer + Prince

A$AP Rocky
(Image: Mercer + Prince)

Fashion entrepreneur and hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky has entered the spirits game with a new blended Canadian whiskey.

The Harlem-bred rapper has just announced that his highly anticipated venture Mercer + Prince is a new blended Canadian whiskey, and has been created and developed in partnership with Global Brand Equities and E. & J. Gallo.

(Image: mercerandprince.com)

“I’m so excited and grateful to finally introduce Mercer + Prince to the world,” said Mercer + Prince founder A$AP Rocky in a written statement.

“I have wanted to launch a whisky for a few years, but it was difficult to find partners willing to innovate to the level I envisioned. Fortunately, I found those partners in Global Brand Equities and Gallo,” said the Fashion Killa rapper. “I have been learning about whisky from all over the world for the past decade and wanted to defy the rules to create something unique, while honoring and respecting industry traditions. The bottle I designed is made to connect with the contemporary consumer. Mercer + Prince is smooth in taste, disruptive in packaging and close to my heart in name. It’s accessible to all and appeals to a diverse audience, which was very important to me.”

Mercer + Prince is aged in American white oak barrels and influenced by Japanese Mizunara oak. The name is in reference to two favorite cross streets of A$AP Rocky, located in Greenwich Village in New York City. People from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds cross and interact with each other, embodying the energy of New York City, at the intersection of the fashion and cultural spheres.

The design of the bottle encompasses A$AP Rocky’s sophisticated taste and cutting-edge style. When thinking of the design, A$AP Rocky knew he wanted to create something that had a real functionality to it yet was also sleek and pushing the boundaries. The bottle is encased with two cups on either end and the artistic design was created to stand out on any surface, allowing the bottle to sit vertically or horizontally on a bar or table.

Mercer + Prince is now available online through ReserveBar in participating states. It will become more readily available in retail later this summer at the suggested retail price of $29.99.