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Ask the Money Coach: How Do Small Collection Accounts Impact Your Credit Score?

Your Credit Report is Constantly Being Updated

Again, when I say that every transaction counts, let me make something clear: I’m not just referring to business transactions that involve loans. Every transaction means just that — every economic exchange you make, every credit, loan or contract agreement you enter into, and every financial move of yours that can be documented — all of it matters greatly. Every single transaction counts.

Do you think that your dealings with cell phone companies, water end electric services, and public utilities aren’t being monitored? Think again. About 100,000 organizations supply information to the credit reporting agencies. These organizations include banks, lenders, collection agencies, credit card companies, leasing firms, utility companies and any other entity that extends credit or reports information about you. Even libraries have been known to rat on delinquent patrons to the credit bureaus for having an overdue library book!

The same pattern holds true for various municipalities around the country; places like Chicago and New York City will report you to collection agencies in a hot minute to for failing to pay parking tickets or moving violations. And as cash-strapped cities try to cope with budget shortfalls and a tough economy, you don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict that many more cities will soon start using collection agents to pursue “small” debts due from local citizens.