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Assembly Required (Industrial/Service Company of the Year)

Two Healthy Recoveries
As the company recovered, so did the elder Hall. The delicate surgery did leave a lasting effect, however. Hall’s right eyelid no longer opens. “When they pulled the tumor off, it damaged the nerve that operates the eyelid, so now I look out of one eye. But I don’t have any pity parties over it,” he reflects. “It could have been so much worse. No slurred speech. No paralysis. None of that.”

Profitable again, the company will continue to focus on automotive interiors: seating, overhead systems, and center consoles. “The focus is on keeping the plants full of interiors programs, vigilantly managing our cost structure, and, especially, keeping our customers happy with high quality performance,” says Ron.

JCI’s Williams remains positive about the joint venture’s future. “Our engagement, my personal engagement, is all about how we make this better, how we make it stronger, and how we continue to innovate both product and business processes aimed at delivering incremental value to Bridgewater’s customers.” He says, as the company enters its 12th year, “We are very pleased with the sustainability of our business evidenced by a strong backlog. We have new business committed to our joint venture and look forward to serving our customers.”