Atlanta-Based Gynecologist Launches Clean And Cute Panty Wash To Reduce Vaginal Infections

Atlanta-Based Gynecologist Launches Clean And Cute Panty Wash To Reduce Vaginal Infections

Dr. Tosha Rogers is one of the top OB/GYN in the nation in women’s health and wellness, and ironically, she had no interest in the field at first. According to her website, she graduated from Drexel University in 1998 with a B.S. in Chemistry with honors and enrolled in the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and graduated with her D.O degree in 2002.  


Dr. Tosha Rogers, Gynecologist & Founder, Clean and Cute. Image Credit: Dr. Tosha Rogers/Website


Rogers then completed her residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Philadelphia’s Drexel University College of Medicine at Hahnemann University Hospital and has practiced for 15 years. Throughout her practice as a gynecologist, she found many of her patients dealt with repeated Bacterial vaginosis infections. Rogers treats vaginal inflammation differently than most of her colleagues.

First, she inquires about her client’s habits and gives them tips on avoiding the condition. For instance, Rogers tells women to avoid shampooing their hair in the shower because the shampoo will drain into the vagina. 

Instead, women should consider washing their hair in the sink or any alternative where the hair cleaning products do not make contact with the body. She adds that women should never use liquid soap and keep away from scented soap, deodorant soap, baby wipes, Summer’s Eve, and Vagisil. The compounds that make up liquid soaps, even if they are vegan, the vagina will reject them. 

She even brings up a line of natural products made by African-American women. However, she will not publicly denounce the brand on any platform, “My attitude is that Summer’s Eve made trillions, and they caused vaginitis; I’m not going to block anybody else’s blessings.” 

Instead, she instructs her patients to grab a washcloth and only use the original Dove white bar soap on their entire body, not the one for sensitive skin or one for exfoliation.

“You want to smell good, buy some oil, buy some perfume,” she says. 

However, she notes other caveats when she speaks with her patients and questions them about how long they’ve worn the same undergarments. She realized one patient had a pair of underwear that she’s worn for years, considering that women’s underwear at the cheapest can sell for six dollars, “Do you know anything that costs six dollars that lasts for years?”

Rogers finally understood why her patient was experiencing numerous bouts of BV, and it was due to the bacterial buildup in her underwear. Although women may wash their underwear, they can still come out unclean. 

Armed with her chemistry background, Rogers placed herself on a mission to find a solution to this intimate problem. She broke out her notebook and began brainstorming what she needed to do while being mindful that a woman’s vagina is sensitive. 

“Maybe you don’t have vaginitis, maybe you don’t have yeast, maybe you have simply dirty panties that are irritating you because you are washing them with everything that your vagina hates,” ruminated Rogers. Which eventually led her to birth a hypo-allergenic, non-GMO, no parabens, and organic Clean & Cute™ delicate panty wash. 

All natural panty wash. Image Credit: Dr. Tosha Rogers/Website


Clean & Cute Men’s is a male undergarment wash.  Image Credit: Dr. Tosha Rogers/Website


For women to maintain their vaginal health, the Philadelphia native advises them to follow her blueprint, “There’s a lot of different arms when it comes to vaginitis, first is medication failure. The medication that most of the doctors are going to give you is going to fail you 40% of the time. The reason for that is there are five different types of vaginitis that medication only kills three, and a lot of doctors are too lazy to figure out which type you have. They look for the most common type, and that’s it,” Rogers says she uses a different medication than other doctors commonly use to prevent medication failure.

She also informs her patients while vaginitis is not sexually transmitted, it is sexually associated, “Semen is not just sperm, it’s sperm, urine, blood, and pus. So whatever a male does, whatever he eats, drinks, whatever medication he’s on, how high his blood sugar is, all of that is composed in his semen. When you have unprotected sex, it is now part of your vagina.” If a woman’s partner has a poor diet, doesn’t eat fruit and vegetables, doesn’t consume water, or the opposite, maybe he is into upkeeping his health and takes supplements from GNC; all of those components disrupt his balance and the woman’s ph balance when she engages in unprotected sex. 

When a woman uses the correct products, monitors her sexual activity, drinks water daily, washes her vagina at least twice a day, and cleans her undergarments with Roger’s Clean & Cute™ delicate panty wash, her vagina will function appropriately. 

Clean & Cute™ delicate panty wash and Clean & Cute™ Men’s are available for purchase