Atlanta Police Shines Light On Its All-Black Women Traffic Squad

Atlanta Police is highlighting a special unit, one that is composed of all Black female officers as they conduct traffic stops within the city. Traffic units such as these are also considered to be among the most dangerous tasks in the force.

The work of these officers extends beyond mundane tasks of ticketing those who violate traffic regulations, but to stop the those who commit more threatening acts on a daily basis. The City of Atlanta’s Police Department (APD) is noting their sacrifice and contribution to the city, as they risk facing violent crime in an effort to keep residents at peace.

Speaking to WSB-TV,  members of the unit elaborated on their wide-ranging cases and responsibilities, and how this representation comes with its own pros and cons.

Sergeant Tiffany Hampton touched on how this uptick in Black female officers is a new development from when she first started,

“Compared to when I came on the department, this is very unusual to have this many females, especially this many Black females,” shared Sgt. Hampton. “And for this to be a traffic unit, you know traffic is one of the most dangerous calls that we could go on.”

Her shared identity with the fellow officers in her squad makes their bond as police officers even stronger, as encountering discrimination due to it is not uncommon.

“That comes with the job, so you honestly have to love what you do,” shared another officer.

Their role in this unit is also one of prevention, as the initial step to “keeping the communities safe” often begins with traffic stops.

“We’re looking for people who are carrying contraband, people who are a danger to themselves or others,” stated Officer Michaela Herring.  “[We’re] just really keeping the community safe and a lot of those interactions start in the vehicle.”

As the APD deals with everyday occurrences, they are showcasing their strides in diversity as women take over the roles that are directly impactful in citizens’ safety.