Automate Your Branded Creatives Design Projects With This $60 App

Automate Your Branded Creatives Design Projects With This $60 App

(Image via RelayThat)

The right designs can make or break your brand’s digital presence. But, you’d be remiss to think that creating such assets comes easy. Designers can undergo hours of creation and revision to get even the tiniest details right. Whether you’re a small business owner attempting to get your brand off the ground, there’s no shame in finding help.

That’s where RelayThat comes in handy. This automated web app can produce polished, on-brand content while reducing your time and money. Lifetime subscriptions to RelayThat usually cost $720, but you can grab one today for just $59.99. 

RelayThat is a design app that uses automation to help you create professional creative assets for your brand almost instantly. All you have to do is upload existing assets such as photos or fonts. Then, RelayThat will go to work, generating countless unique customizable designs using over 2,000 smart layouts.

Need branded images for social media, or perhaps you want to update your website for an upcoming campaign? RelayThat offers one-click size adjustments so that you can optimize your creative for any channel. Additionally, it comes with over 3 million copyright-free images, icons, and textures that will complement your existing assets or be used as placeholders if your business doesn’t have any branded creative to work with.

Producing branded creative to meet your business’s goals can be expensive and time-consuming, but RelayThat’s automated features will take much of that burden off your shoulders. Lifetime subscriptions are on sale now for $59.99 for a single user, $109.99 for two users, and $149.99 for three users.

Prices subject to change.