Boxer Badou Jack Lands Major Deal for Ripper Nutrition Line
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Boxer Badou Jack Lands Major Deal for Ripper Nutrition Line

Badou Jack
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Two-division world boxing champion Badou Jack “The Ripper” is preparing to square off with unbeaten top contender Marcus Browne this weekend for the WBA interim light heavyweight title. The highly anticipated match will take place January 19 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in the Showtime PPV co-feature of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner welterweight title bout. Along with intense training and a strict diet regime, the 36-year-old boxer is preparing for the big fight with the aid of Ripper Nutrition, a sports supplement line that he co-founded and credits as a vital part of his health, fitness, and success.

Badou, one of the most accomplished fighters in the Mayweather Promotions stable, has held the WBC Super Middleweight Title along with the WBA Light Heavyweight Title. Outside of the ring, the Swedish fighter is dedicated to the growth of Ripper Nutrition, which features premium pre-workout Oxy Ripper and post-workout Amino Ripper sports supplements. The supplements are made with the purest Branched-Chain Amino Acids and Lunasin, a powerful antioxidant, to help athletes build lean muscle, boost proper recovery, and increase mental function. Plus, Oxy Ripper utilizes red spinach leaf extract to give users an added energy boost.

Badou Jack
Badou Jack “The Ripper” (Photo Credit: Christian Purdie)

Badou says he’s hooked on the supplements, which increase his drive and ability to concentrate without negative side effects. “I love the pre-workout OXY Ripper because of the great energy and focus it gives me without any jitters or a crash,” he told BLACK ENTERPRISE. “And I take Amino Ripper during and after a workout to ensure I’m recovering properly”

Back in October, Ripper Nutrition announced an exclusive multi-year, multimillion-dollar distribution deal across Asia with Hong Kong-based ERS Ventures (HK) Ltd. “My team and I are very excited to partner with ERS Ventures and introduce Ripper Nutrition to the Asian market,” said Jack in a statement. The champ also said his ultimate goal was to expand his American-made products into the global market. “I strive to be an international ambassador for the sport of boxing through my projects outside of the ring and this deal is another huge step in that direction,”

Badou Jack
Badou Jack and Amer Abdallah (

Amer Abdallah, the co-founder of Ripper Nutrition, said the new deal “speaks volumes about the progression of our company, the science behind our products, and the future of Ripper Nutrition.” He projects added sales of the sports supplements will top $100 million thanks to their distribution deal with ERS Ventures. “China and the entire Asian market are massive. We predict this to be one of our largest markets, projecting millions each month once it’s rolled out,”

In an exclusive interview with BE, Badou and Abdallah opened up about their premium sports supplement and global distribution deal.

Badou Jack

BE: How did the concept for Ripper Nutrition begin?

Badou: During each training camp, and even in between camps, I’m always looking for the best and cleanest supplements to use. Once I began thinking about my career outside of boxing and the industries I could get into, supplements were an easy first choice. I told Amer to put together a great team of scientists and experts in the industry and make the most advanced formulas ever developed. And we did exactly that.


Did you raise seed money or invest your own money to launch the business?

Badou: All of our funds were accumulated internally between the founding partners. We are debt free and have a healthy base to supply the highest grade and cleanest supplements in the industry.


 When and how did the business partnership form?

Abdallah: Badou and I have been discussing the Ripper Nutrition line for quite some time and it took me approximately a year to produce a team of the top scientists, manufacturers, and formulators. We’ve carefully picked each ingredient, flavor, and formula to ensure we have a product like no other. We had our official soft launch at the end of April 2018.


What’s the business model?

Abdallah: We didn’t want to be just another supplement company. Our goal was to make a difference. We aren’t competing on price points, marketing, or flavors. Our products are the only sports supplements that contain the revolutionary plant-based ingredient, Lunasin. Almost 40 case studies have been done on this remarkable peptide that’s tied to heart health, natural anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidant properties, and so much more. These are truly unique and proprietary formulas we’ve included in each product.

One of the first large investments we made was ensuring our products were clean and safe to use for high-level athletes. We’ve brought aboard one of the top third-party agencies, Informed Sport, who did thorough testing to approve our products were indeed clean and safe to use.


How are you planning to grow the brand in the U.S. market?

Badou: When athletes and fitness enthusiasts begin taking our products they will see how beneficial and different they are from the rest. They will be our biggest testimonials and marketing.

Abdallah: Again, we aren’t trying to compete in marketing and retail placement. Right now, the only place to purchase our products is We are building a massive ambassador roster which will help tremendously in our referral marketing. We have some exciting projects we are working on, which will be announced soon.


How is Ripper Nutrition tied into The Badou Jack Foundation and your philanthropic, Badou?

Badou: I started the Badou Jack Foundation to give children across the globe a fighting chance in life. My supplement company Ripper Nutrition will make nutrition shakes filled with essential micro and macro nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to make sure kids are receiving the proper nutrition each day for healthy development. We are starting with the Syrian refugee children in the Zaatari camp in Jordan. Ripper Nutrition will be selling nutrition bars that we’ve formulated. For each bar that’s sold, 100% of the profits go towards making a daily nutrition shake for a refugee child. Once the program gets going, it’s self-sustaining. This could last forever.