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Barack 2.0: Barack Obama’s Social Media Lessons for Business

Interactive – Unlike most traditional marketing strategies, social media allows you to begin a conversation with your audience, creating a dialogue. Encouraging your audience to provide feedback and express their ideas and suggestions about your business.

The key elements in achieving success through social media marketing are an open mind and a considerable amount of patience. It often takes several months for these tools to really provide tangible results. Traditional measurements of Return on Investment (ROI) do not always apply to the world of web marketing. However, internet marketing continues to be one of the least expensive and most effective ways to promote your business.

Unfortunately, many companies and organizations leap into social media marketing without the knowledge or experience of how to use it properly. The most common mistakes include using blogs solely to promote products or services, providing inaccurate or uninteresting content, scraping content from other sites, and failing to engage in honest dialogue with their audiences. Getting started on the right foot is essential in executing a successful social media marketing campaign. Some of the beginning strategies will include setting up blogs, web pages and social networking profiles. Your current site(s) will need to be optimized for social media interaction.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey to success. Barack 2.0: Barack Obama’s Social Media Lessons for Business will be essential in educating yourself on how to successfully utilize these platforms to ensure the best possible results for your business or organization.

There are a few tools and principles that everyone will use, several others that most will use, and many more that only few will use. The most advanced users may even combine programs and tools to create new functionality specific to their needs, and we will offer some guidance for them as well.

These tools will be presented in the same order as they were identified in the Barack Obama 2008 campaign. This book is a written representation of the interaction on the Website. Therefore, as you might guess, there are several online references. These references are easily identified with the icons below and can be accessed via the interactive online companion.