BE 100s: 5 Tips On How To Position Your Business

BE 100s: 5 Tips On How To Position Your Business

5 Ways You Can Better Position Your Company For Financial Success

Develop Brand Positioning. Business owners need to spend time developing company positioning to differentiate their brand and speak with a unified voice in the market. “Your brand and who you are, that is what we want people to think of when they think of me and the company,” Walker says.

Build Solid Relationships. Walker acknowledges founder Holland’s great networking and people skills. “Lou was a very gregarious person. This is a competitive business … it is a relationship business.”

Create An Open Environment. A paternalistic view existed under Holland’s leadership where employees were not told every detail about the management’s business decisions, so they wouldn’t worry. The working environment is more open now. Informed employees feel more involved and therefore more vested in your firm’s success.

Deliver On Performance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a female- or minority-owned firm, you must have consistent performance, stresses Walker. “Your performance has to match what you say you do.”

Be Forward Thinking. The company’s future can’t be simply your vision alone. “We learned in transitioning from Lou’s ownership, that you always have to be looking forward and making decisions today that impact the long-term vision of the company,” Walker says.