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BE Modern Man: Meet Grammy Award Winning Record Executive Amir Windom

Happy to touch people’s soul through music, Windom’s proudest moment came when he received the Man of the Year award from the 100 Black Men of America when he was 25. “My family was there and I think it was the moment when I got really serious about improving the quality of life around me,” says Windom. “I started really seeing my purpose beyond music and entertainment.”

Excelling in the entertainment industry takes, commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Always in control of his ego and never letting the accomplishments go to his head has allowed Windom to break through as a leader in the industry. “This can be challenging to do in the world of entertainment, but thanks to having mentors like Record & Entertainment Tycoon Kevin Liles as my mentor, I have learned the importance of remaining humble.”

A proud FAMU grad, Windom believes that his education provided him with the social skills and confidence that helped to get him where he is today. “College gives you a competitive advantage,” says Windom. “I definitely think you can make it by going the non-traditional route, but depending on the industry, I think it may put more speed-bumps and potholes on your road to get to where you ultimately want to be.”

With either route you will encounter obstacles and challenges along the way. The hurdles For Windom presented themselves in the form of things that looked promising but fell through the cracks and being told no. “It’s challenging to keep yourself motivated after being told no,” says Windom. “But This is where the understanding comes in that no success is obtained with struggle, and being told no is a part of it.”

Fighting through the stereotypes and being criticized for not settling for “fitting in”, Windom believes that by caring a bit more what people think about us, we can get out of the box that many people place us in. “We have to conduct ourselves like we care about what people think about us because we represent so much more than ourselves.”

Focused on being significant and creating a legacy that matters, Windom says “Being a BE Modern Man means creating a positive legacy that will be remembered and will inspire a generation to be SIGNIFICANT.”  “There is No mediocre mindsets in a BE Modern Man, and he focuses on being great and is okay with the struggles and work that it’ll take to get there.”

Committed to significance and striving to be great The BE Modern Man team salutes Amir Windom for being a man of vision who find success in being who he truly is.

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