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BE Modern Man: Meet Tech Titan Tristan Walker

Natural haircare industry has grown quite tremendously in the past decade and will continue to grow. Bevel is leading the way in connecting the merchandising experience and the product experience. “Walker & Co is developing products to solve a problem,” says Walker. “Bevel solves the problem of razor bumps. Done. When you think about the burgeoning natural haircare movement, it’s great, but the opportunity [in health and beauty] is larger than that. To actually build a suite of brands that people can be proud of and that fix problems is significant.”

With a passion for innovation and solving problems Walker is building a profitable business while pursuing and fulfilling his purpose. “The most important value is authenticity,” Walker tells BE Modern Man. “I really have to feel like I’m the best person in the world building what I’m building. Nobody’s going to compete, or people will be scared to compete. I think a lot of people lose sight of being authentic to what they want to build because they seek the money and fame.”

Walker had the good fortune to interview Tyler Perry one-on-one during a fireside chats, and received the best advice that he continues to use daily. “There was one woman who raised her hand in the audience, and [talked about how she] goes through all these trials and tribulations, and asked, ‘How do you get back up.’ What he said was the most profound thing I’ve ever heard: He said he realized his potential as an entrepreneur when he understood that the trials you go through, and the blessings you receive are the exact same thing. You go through trials but they are lessons, and lessons are blessings.”

Strong in his faith Walker uses his trials and tribulations to learn a lesson that he in turn can impact the communities he serves and change the consumer good industry. “Authenticity, combined with faith… it’s hard to beat that.”

The BE Modern Man Team team salutes Tristan Walker for innovating a product line that is rich in tradition, but takes individuality to a whole new level. Through the combination of technology combined with connecting to a greater good Walker is heads above the rest.

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