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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Connector” Paul Brunson

BE Modern Man - Paul Brunson

Married for 13 years with two sons, Brunson understands just how hard it is for positive and strong role models to be presented through mainstream media. “How to break through that static is by surrounding yourself with great people,” he advises. “Social media allows me to do that virtually, which allows us to witness hurdles and triumphs upfront.” Using Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean as an example, Brunson notes that while the top layer of his personality may read “rapper” or “producer,” if you follow him closely you’ll “see him as a father, a student, an artist, and a fly human being.” With Brunson vouching for you and lending his support, there’s no doubt that his insight and unique understanding is valuable.

A Dell Inspire 100 honoree, Brunson believes that more can be done to celebrate  men of color and people as a whole. “It’s easier and more profitable not to,” he says. “Most media follow the path of least resistance, so it’s much simpler to tell a story of a downtrodden black male versus one who just came out of Y Combinator. It becomes a widespread, never-ending cycle” says Brunson who believed that his calling would be typical of the status quo, as he thought his journey would carry him strictly into the business world. “My hobbies in high school included writing business plans and reading the Forbes 400 list,” he admitted in his biography featured at his website.

Fast forward to today, where accolades frequently populate next to Brunson’s well-known name, and it is his connection to people that remains his strongest asset and most cherished impact within the African and African American community. “I strive to connect people—specifically within our community—to ideas, opportunities, resources, and other people,” he says. “There currently aren’t enough platforms for us to do that. If I’m able to make a direct change on that, then that is significant to me.”

Having appeared in major media outlets around the world from The Washington Post to Essence, Brunson is an imaginative innovator, able to use foresight to intertwine wisdom with gumption to create myriad possibilities. Whether it is his #MentorMonday webinar series or his global awareness from serving on the board of directors for Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, Turkey, Brunson’s work aims to be reticulated both near and far.

As a modern day Renaissance man, Brunson earned his reputation through being thoughtful toward his fellow human beings and his inventiveness. From having a best-seller on Amazon to being recognized as a great relationship coach, he represents the interwoven fabric that equally yokes the black community—and proves that our normal is extraordinary.

We here at Black Enterprise salute you, Paul C. Brunson, for contributing positive images of men of color  to the masses. Your mission of shifting the misrepresentations of Black men while keeping our culture in love and business alive frames us in an enthusiastic light, and is meant to be celebrated and appreciated.

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