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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

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With an annual enterprise-wide revenue budget of over $350 million, and a $1.06 billion economic impact, Humbert steps up to the table every day to lead his team. “I love being an integral part of the National Urban League movement, as we work hard every day to improve the lives of minorities with services free of charge,” he says. Two of the cornerstone programs at the National Urban League, education and workforce development, drives the organization’s passion to bring minorities into the economic mainstream. Humbert’s efforts include “advancing and deepening the understanding of philanthropy,” and he emphasizes the importance of education. “I believe you should never grow out of having a student mindset.”

Humbert believes that his peers respect him because of his openness. “The ability to be transparent with the truth has allowed me to challenge the status quo. For example, explaining, to many good-hearted people, that there is a thing such as bad philanthropy. My volunteer work at the EnVest Foundation allows me to educate, motivate, and inspire current and future philanthropists of the millennial generation to make informed, and meaningful, contributions to nonprofit organizations,” Humbert tells BE Modern Man. Smart philanthropy sometimes conflicts with learned philanthropic ideals and behaviors and, in his role, Humbert identifies, trains, and develops a consistent pipeline of smart donors to fulfill our nation’s civil society needs. This is why he created the National Capital Region’s 40under40 Recognition Awards, which celebrates the professional and philanthropic achievements of individuals. “I have given over 280 awards to highlight many overlooked working-wealth professionals, who are volunteering and giving back every day,” says Humbert.

Continuing to reach, influence, and guide people is what Humbert is focused on. “My goal in life is simple: continue my servant-leadership, and champion for the advancement of philanthropy and the role it, undoubtedly, plays in our daily lives and civil society issues at-large.”

So what does being a BE Modern Man mean to Joshua E. Humbert? “It means giving men of color a platform to take back and own our narrative. Especially in a time where our national character has come under fire, and is being defined by forces we have not yet learned to control.”

The team commends Joshua E. Humbert for his dedication and service to millions of people. We are standing with him as he challenges the status quo and pushes toward achieving new levels of personal and professional success.

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