Meet Archie Nettles, A BE Modern Man
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BE Modern Man: Meet U.S. Army Veteran and Motivational Speaker Archie Nettles

(Image: Archie Nettles)

Name: Archie Nettles

Profession: Empowerment Speaker
Age: 34
One Word That Describes You: Persistent.

Guided by his desire to encourage and empower others, Archie Nettles decided to enter the world of public and motivational speaking. He joined the U. S. Army at the age of 18, serving eight years in active duty and reserve. During his time there, he obtained the rank of sergeant and served in the Operation Enduring Freedom military campaign in Afghanistan. “For many years I observed the lives of prominent speakers, such as Les Brown, T.D. Jakes, Randall Pinkett, and many others,” says Nettles. “I began to envision myself speaking in front of large audiences, sharing my story with the world.”

Nettles’ life-changing experience in Afghanistan has shaped the person he is today. Discipline, commitment, and attention to detail are the key tenets he uses when discussing his transition back into civilian life. Returning to college to complete his degree after being removed from school due to military obligations, proved to be one of his biggest challenges. “It had been nearly 12 years since I’d begun my educational journey. As a nontraditional student, learning how to adapt to the college environment was challenging. I eventually graduated in 2011 at 30. It’s never too late to start–or finish.”

As a man with strong character and leadership skills, Nettles is focused on making an impact in the community through sharing his personal experiences and journey. “The pillars of my speaking platform are: educate, equip and empower. Whenever I speak to a group of young men or women, it is my intention to leave them empowered and ready to take action in their own lives. I often see the fruits of my labor when the student successfully transitions to college.”

Nettles’ plan is to become an author, in addition to developing other programs that address the various needs of the African American community, such as etiquette and leadership development programs. He hopes to change the stereotypes surrounding African American men by engaging in and outside of his community. “I use my story and my personal experiences to change the narrative, the conversation, and how people perceive those with experiences that are similar to my own.”

A man of service and valor, Nettles sees the BE Modern Man as someone who is at the front line of battle. “No longer will [the BE Modern Man] be able to stand by and react. He will have to be proactive–getting ahead and combating issues before they become problems.” is honored to highlight a man who has served and protected our country. We commend your efforts as an empowerment speaker.

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