Best Internships Turned Full-Time Jobs for MBA Students

Best Internships Turned Full-Time Jobs for MBA Students

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While an internship is needed to help college students gain the work experience and exposure they need to land post-graduate employment, many professionals know first-hand that an internship does not always guarantee a full-time job.

A recent survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council found that more companies are looking to hire MBA graduates in 2015 than they have in any single year since 2003.  While this data is a sign of hope for many graduates, LinkedIn took it upon themselves to analyze the job histories of around 1,000 users who graduated from top business schools in 2014 to see just how many students returned as full-time employees to the companies they interned with. The results showed that management consulting firms were the leading magnets for former interns, with some 61 percent of MBA graduates going back to the company they had interned with.

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Banking and information technology also showed strong signs of return. In 2013, 42 percent of MBA professionals who interned at a bank or financial services firm returned to that firm for full-time employment, while 39 percent of MBA professionals in IT did the same.

Take a look at the graph below to see which industries bring back the most MBA interns for full-time jobs.

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