TV Personality Bevy Smith Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Her Comments About Women Not Wanting to Work

TV Personality Bevy Smith Calls Out Kim Kardashian For Her Comments About Women Not Wanting to Work

Kim Kardashian (Left, photo: Jackson Lee/GC Images) and Bevy Smith (Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

TV personality Bevy Smith was among the many who entered the chat to blast Kim Kardashian’s comments about the work ethic of working women.

Kim and her famous family are gearing up to star in yet another reality series following the lavish ,privileged lifestyles she and her sisters enjoy on a daily basis. To promote The Kardashians coming to Hulu, the Kardashian sisters and their momager Kris Jenner sat down for a cover shoot and interview with Variety.

Knowing the interview was set to be released during Women’s History Month and one day after International Women’s Day didn’t stop Kim K from seemingly criticizing women and their work ethic.

When the SKIMS founder was asked to offer up advice to women aspiring to reach the billionaire status she has achieved, Kim had this to say:

“I have the best advice for women and business. Get your f—ing ass up and work,” Kim said. “It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Her sister Kourtney cosigned the shady remark with, “That’s so true.”

While Kim might’ve been trying to come off as an ally to the “girl boss” tribe, her seemingly tone-deaf statement resulted in her becoming a trending topic for all of the wrong reasons.

Among the critics was TV personality Bevy Smith, who took to Twitter on Thursday to offer some hard facts while eloquently shutting Kim down.

“Poor people across the country have been gaslit by RICH PEOPLE into believing that the reason they aren’t rich is because they don’t work hard,” Smith tweeted. “People working 2,3 jobs & still need public assistance “get off their asses every day & work” so this is a privileged fallacy.”

When one person asked exactly what the Kardashians get paid to do, Smith replied,

“They sell a 1% lifestyle to the masses.”

She went on to credit those who come from humble beginnings and rightfully took offense to Kim’s stance considering her background of privilege.

“Saddens me to see so many people who probably come from humble beginnings who perhaps had FAMILY who worked HARD to provide agree with a very privileged White woman,” Smith wrote. “She got a Mercedes Benz at 16, but her dad said she had to put the gas in it, that’s her version of HARD WORK.”

While she was on a roll, Smith decided to add the Royal Family to the mix and call out their white privilege.

“And while we’re discussing wealth inequality can people especially Black & Brown people stop idolizing ROYALS,” Smith tweeted. “They are colonizers, they are wealthy because they raped & pillaged what they considered savage countries, enough with worshiping false idols!”