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Biden on the Record: DNC Meeting

covering this today, saying, you know, these guys not only came up with an idea whether we like it or not, they moved and they passed it.

And we are willing to win or lose — win or lose — on the soundness of our judgment. We are not willing, though — we are willing to compromise in the margins on all these things; there may be a better way to deal with energy, a better way to deal with health, a better way to deal with education. But we will not compromise on the need to invest in all three of those enterprises. Because, folks, without it, there’s no way from here to there.

I’ll end by saying what I’ve said to some of you before, and I mean it, and the Gov shares the same view, our wives do as well. It sounds corny, but, you know, when — I tell the story, but it’s absolutely, positively true — I didn’t look for this job. You didn’t look to be Chairman and I didn’t look for this job. I’m flattered and honored to have it, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to demean it in any way — I don’t. But I didn’t look for this job.

But at the convention — at the convention when, the second night, we were heading out, our little granddaughter, Finnegan Biden, who is 10 years old, lives here — came up and grabbed me, literally by the coat — “Pop, Pop, I got to talk to you” — absolutely true story — and I said, “Yes, baby, what?” She said, “We need a sleep-over.” And I sleep out in the tent with them in the backyard at our place, we’re on a little lake. And I said, “Baby, when we get home, Pop will do that.” She said, “No, no, no, no, no, Pop.” She said, “You know, Sasha is already talking to Bawack” — (Laughter.) I said, “I beg your pardon, baby?” She said, “We want a sleep-over tonight.” She said, “We want a sleep-over where Sasha, Malia, with their cousins, with” — and we have little Nick, who is a cousin their age, my brother’s — “with Nick, Finnegan” — excuse me — “Maisey and me.” She said, “Pop, can we clear out a room and take the beds out?”

And so I went to Jill and Jill called Michelle, and Michelle was already on it. Already on it. (Laughter.) They cleared out the — this sounds corny, but I really mean this, they cleared out the room, put down futons, they had popcorn and stuff. And they’re, I don’t know, seven, eight, nine little kids in there, black and white. And as I left, the TV was on and they were watching, I don’t know, Mermaid or one of those programs — (laughter) — that I’ve watched many times with my grandchildren.

And I look — and I forget who it was, I looked over — and my little Maisey is eight years old, her head is in the pillow touching, I think it was Sasha’s head, and they’re both sitting there