Bill Cosby Accuser Angela Leslie Says 'I’m Shocked' About the Comedian's Release
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Bill Cosby Accuser Angela Leslie Says ‘I’m Shocked’ About the Comedian’s Release

Bill Cosby wearing a grey sweatshirt and a lavalier mic

The world is definitely in shock with Wednesday’s revelation that comedian Bill Cosby was being released from jail due to a former prosecutor’s deal.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s highest court, the State Supreme Court, overturned Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction, citing that previous agreement that reportedly would prevent him from being charged in the first place.

In an exclusive interview with The New York Daily News, one of Cosby’s accusers expressed her shock when she found out that he was being released, saying she was “surprised” and it was “certainly not something” she “expected.”

Angela Leslie, one of the many women who accused Cosby of sexual misconduct said that this doesn’t mean he is innocent, but that the court wasn’t supposed to bring the charges against him based on the previous agreement from the prosecutor.

“It’s because he made a deal with that prosecutor, not for any other reason,” Leslie said. “This wasn’t so much about him being locked up. I wanted him to admit what he did. He can go free, but he can’t label us as untruthful. My character is important. My reputation is important. I want the women to be seen.”

Although she doesn’t believe justice was properly served, she does hope that the 83-year-old comedian has learned a lesson during the time he was serving his sentence in prison.

“Though he served a short period, I hope he learned it’s not okay to do what he did to all these women,” she said.

After leaving prison and getting the chance to return to his home, Cosby took to Twitter to continue to proclaim his innocence.