Quintel Sumrall, credit repair

The First Black-Owned Credit Monitoring Company Aims To Prevent Identity Theft

Quintel Sumrall teaches financial skills, leveling up credit scores, and is making history one business at a time.

Move over! Credit Coach Q, a seasoned credit repair expert and YouTube educator, is a prime example that there is more space for everyone in the financial technology sector. He intentionally pours time and energy into lending and teaching the skills he needed to turn his financial situation around for the better. In 2019, the pioneering entrepreneur launched the nation’s first Black-owned cloud-based credit repair software for consumers, Credit Dispute Cloud.

Today, Sumrall is lifting off with the first Black-owned credit monitoring company, dubbed ISeeCredit.com.

From sharing personal loan tips to his secret method of deleting anything from your credit report, testimonials from far and wide prove how much Sumrall’s programs have helped people pay down collections, prevent identity theft, and feel confident applying what he has offered.

“We want to empower individuals to take control of their financial health and provide them with the tools they need to safeguard their identity,” Sumrall stated in a press release.

From 2019 to 2020, the COVID-19-induced recession witnessed the median income of lower-income households decrease by 3.0% and the median income of middle-income families drop by 2.1%. Black adults were more likely to have used credit cards, loans, or borrowed money to cover rent, gas, and food costs. However, new studies indicate that 46% of Black adults have been denied in their application for credit versus 22% of white adults, BLACK ENTERPRISE previously reported.

The Credit Dispute Cloud aims to dismantle the poor credit skills and habits he believes are passed down intergenerationally. Starting at $39.99 a month, the platform offers a simple four-step, four-month dispute process to help clients repair credit scores with each of the three credit-reporting bureaus.

Other perks include:

  •  24-hour, secure portal access
  • Over 600 custom dispute letter templates developed by experienced attorneys
  • Remove all unwanted inquiries from the three credit bureaus

According to a 2022 survey by the Identity Theft Resource Center and the Black Researchers Collective, the impact of identity crimes on Black communities across the nation is significant. Huge percentages of their annual income are going to a thief. The findings also showed that only 50% of Black victims report what they lose to law enforcement.

  • 16% of victims reported losing between $5,000 to $9,999
  • 26% said they lost between $1,000 and $4,999
  • 22% were swindled out of $500 to $999

ISeeCredit aims to change the wave of financial illiteracy by helping clients “understand the pulse of their credit scores,” per the release. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, ISeeCredit prioritizes customer protection in the age of identity theft by providing:

  • Up to $1M ID Theft Insurance
  • Monthly report and score refreshes
  • Daily credit monitoring services

“Our goal is to make financial security and credit protection a reality for every American, regardless of their background or income level,” Sumrall said.