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Black Mom of 3, Makeup Artist For 30 Years, Launches Vegan-Friendly Cosmetics Brand

She says the idea was born from the experiences of women of color, evolving forward to usher in a new generation of beauty.

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Lady Joi, a radio personality, television host, and mother of three children from North Charleston, South Carolina, is also the founder and CEO of POJE Cosmetics, a Black-owned, vegan-friendly cosmetics line. She says the idea, born from the experiences of women of color, is evolving forward to usher in a new generation of beauty.

Lady Joi has never shied away from her love of cosmetics, as she is a former makeup artist. Being on stage and under bright lights for over 30 years, she has seen her fair share of not-so-great makeup and makeup tools. So she started POJE (pronounced Po-Jay) Cosmetics to push the prestige cosmetic industry far beyond its current reach.

Understanding the discomfort of not being able to find cosmetics that would give a flawless look for women of color on- and offstage, Lady Joi decided to reimagine cosmetics for women of color. Nodding to the history-making brands of the past, her goal is to help women of color of all ages renew their excitement in high-end makeup again.

Offering a vibrant collection of upscale cosmetics, accessories, and brushes, POJE gives women the tools and shades they need to achieve subtle and bold looks alike. Initially starting the North Charleston-based company with an innovative line of makeup brushes, Lady Joi has expanded POJE’s offerings according to the vision she established nearly 13 years ago.

What makes her brand especially unique is its commitment to unparalleled quality, in addition to earning certifications and memberships including Woman Minority Owned Certification, Amazon Black Business Accelerator Certified, Sunoco Cohort Certified, MBE Certified, and the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

Having such certifications will further enhance the brand’s support of major global concerns (e.g., sustainability) as well as being a vegan-friendly, paraben-free, and BUNNY APPROVED brand. POJE Cosmetics is dedicated to using top-tier ingredients and materials. Serving as an elite cosmetics brand for women of color, the company is the first to launch in decades. Lady Joi’s vision is: “Let us help you show the world your color!”

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